About me.....

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 I am a fine art photographer living  with my gorgeous wife in  Vernon, British Columbia. Originally from the UK, but now enjoying life as a Canadian and immersing myself in this beautiful and welcoming country.

I am experienced at connecting with, and photographing  families and children of all ages. I am able to get just about anyone to relax in front of the camera and reveal their true selves.

My goal in any given session is to be able to capture your fun side, your serious side and maybe even a little bit of your soul..... the real you.

Although I own a small studio at my home on the west side of Lake Okanagan, my true passion is capturing natural light portraits in the beautiful surroundings of the Okanagan Valley.

I like beautiful things.......the glow of someone's skin, the colours of an Autumn day, the majesty of a snow shrouded Winter scene, the beauty of someone's energy, the beauty of laughter or music, early evening sunlight, a line, a curve, a smile, and so much more. Always look for beauty!

I understand how important it is for me to not just capture an image, but to create a moment. Your moment. Everything that is you.

Just bring a smile. I'll do the rest!


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